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Tax Planning & Preparation

While tax compliance is an important part of the personal and corporate tax picture, tax consulting is the portion that completes the puzzle. Thus, our tax services are directed towards year round constructive tax planning and maintaining contact with our clients in order to make them aware of all tax mitigation opportunities available to them.

Audit & Assurance

Financial statements are required for a wide range of reasons. In connection with our engagements, we make recommendations for improving internal controls. Our firm provides a full range of auditing services

Financial Services

Proper financial planning is a critical aspect to one’s wealth generation and preservation. Our firm provides complete financial services to help insure your financial goals are reached.

Estate & Trust

We all work hard for our money.  The professionals at Baroldi Gundersen and help protect it and make sure it is passed on to your designated beneficiaries in the manner and amounts you chose rather than letting the expensive probate courts decide for you.

Merger & Acquisitions

Whether your business is in the acquisition mode or you, as an owner, wish to cash out by selling, we can help.

Business Valuations

As a business owner, your company, which has taken years of hard work to establish, is most likely a significant portion of your personal net worth. It is critical to know the true value of your company before you make significant decisions.

Accounting & Business Advisory

Timely financial information is a key component of an organization’s success, but in today’s complex business environment, you need more than an accountant who just “crunches the numbers.”

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