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Non-Profit Organizations
Non-Profit Organizations

In a competitive environment where you need more than a passion for your cause to thrive, non-profit organizations need a clear mission, solid management, visionary leadership and strong resource networks to succeed.  In carrying out your purpose, non-profit organizations face numerous challenges; you’re accountable to donors, oversight agencies, and those you serve. In addition, private fundraising has become increasingly difficult and government funding comes with stricter rules and parameters which can make your financial reporting process more complex and stressful.

At Baroldi Gundersen, our partners and managers serve on boards of non-profit organizations so we understand the unique challenges nonprofit organizations face, from strict reporting and accountability requirements, to day-to-day budgeting, forecasting, spending, and reporting needs.  We take time to get to know our clients during the planning stage of our audits, to help you identify and resolve emerging issues that can significantly impact your operations including changes in reporting, revisions to legislation, new fund-raising strategies and related business tax issues.

Our services are professional and thorough, ensuring our highest level of commitment so that your nonprofit operates at its highest potential.  We offer a range of services to non-profit organizations including:

  • Comprehensive audits and reviews
  • Tax planning and consulting
  • Donor-advised fund planning and reporting
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial budgeting, forecasts and projections
  • Internal control consulting
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