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Manufacturing & Distribution
Manufacturing & Distribution

As the U.S. economy moves from recovery into expansion, manufacturers must be ready to meet their increased demand. Long-term survival in these sectors is dependent on management’s ability to decrease costs by utilizing technologies effectively and implementing best business practices.  The sheer volume of transactions that pass through a typical manufacturing and distribution operation trigger a number of tax and business considerations that must be strategically measured. Additionally, successful entities must consider the advantages of overseas production.

Manufacturing and distribution are typically inventory-intensive industries. As such, accountability over internal controls and compliance issues, as well as the increasing cost of raw materials and resources, require that you partner with experts who understand the complexities of manufacturing accounting and the unique tax rules.  

Whether your goal is to expand your international operations, integrate innovation into your manufacturing process, maintain regulatory compliance, or optimize inventory, the professionals at Baroldi Gundersen bring years of experience with extensive industry knowledge to most effectively capitalize on tax, accounting and business advisory opportunities.  We provide a full range of industry-specific business advisory services designed to increase your profitability, improve your competitive position and decrease your operating costs.

  • Cost Segregation
  • Tangible Property Repair Regulation Studies
  • Accounting Method Reviews
  • Applying Deductions and Tax Credits (including research & development credits)
  • Multi-State Taxation and Operating Structuring
  • Tax Planning and Compliance
  • LIFO Inventories
  • General Bookkeeping Services
  • Operating Budgets – Preparation, Analysis and Tracking
  • Cost Controls, Budgeting and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Inventory Control Systems
  • Gross Profit Maximization and Analyzing Pricing Structures
  • Profit Enhancement Analysis (determining actual profits by product)
  • Audits, Reviews and Compilations of Financial Statements
  • Employee Benefit Audits
  • Internal Audits
  • Internal Controls Review
  • Merger and Acquisition Strategies
  • Buy-Sell Agreement Reviews
  • Succession Planning and Exit Strategy Development
  • Assistance in Locating and Obtaining Bank Financing
  • Buy-Lease Considerations
  • Business Valuation and Litigation Support
  • Due Diligence Research and Review
  • Compensation, Benefits and Incentive Planning
  • Evaluation and Implementation of Internal Control Systems
  • Strategic Planning and Business Process Solutions
  • Cost Management and Productivity Analysis
Research and Development Tax Credit Studies

Many business owners believe that the R&D Tax Credit only applies to developers of new products. However, many other companies may benefit if they have invested time, money and resources toward:

  • Developing New Products
  • Improving Existing Products
  • Building or Testing Prototypes and Models
  • Developing or Improving Manufacturing Processes.
  • Developing New Materials

If any of these apply to your company, you may qualify for the R&D Tax Credit.  The professionals at Baroldi Gundersen can assist you in performing an analysis to determine if your business can take advantage of this credit.

Cost Segregation Studies

Through a cost segregation study, the components of a building are reclassified into shorter depreciation groups to accelerate depreciation expense.  As a result, companies maximize their tax depreciation deduction, and reduce current-year income taxes. Your business may qualify if it has purchased, constructed, renovated, expanded or refurbished a commercial building within the last five years.  Costs that may qualify for a shorter depreciable life include wall partitions, carpet and painting, parking lots, security systems, HVAC systems, landscaping and other items.  If may apply to your business, a cost segregation study could save you tax dollars.  We are ready to help you consider the benefits of such a study.

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