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Family Owned Businesses
Family Owned Businesses

As a family-owned business, you face unique challenges. You also have unique strengths. At Baroldi Gundersen we appreciate how family dynamics can affect financial management decisions and how, as an experienced, unbiased third party, we can help resolve many of the complex issues family businesses must face.  We understand the challenge of maintaining an effective relationship between the family, management and ownership aspects of the business. We have a keen understanding of the unique dynamics of family business, and we have the tools, experience and focus to help you optimize the positive forces in your family enterprise while anticipating and minimizing conflicts and trepidations.

Our clients rely on us to stay current on the ever-changing, complex accounting, financial reporting and tax regulations that affect their companies, stakeholders, and estates. We stay on top of issues impacting your industry and provide the technical expertise, guidance and independent point of view you need to manage your family enterprise and build lasting value.  

In addition to traditional audit, accounting and tax, our consulting services for family businesses include:

  • Legal structure/entity type selection
  • Business planning
  • Entity Selection
  • Exit Strategies for owners
  • Development and funding of buy/sell agreement
  • Tax Planning
  • Comprehensive wealth management
  • Lending strategies to maximize use of portfolio
  • Lifetime income plans
  • Social Security Strategies
  • Bookkeeping, bill paying and payroll
  • Personal financial statements
  • Controller/CFO services
  • Minimizing wealth transfer costs to children and grandchildren
  • Gifting
  • Financial Education of second generation
  • Protect assets from the costs of Long Term Care

Business owners appreciate our connections and expertise in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and bank financing services. These can be critical for the growth and expansion of your business.


Our business appraisers prepare valuations for a number of scenarios, including litigation, estate planning and mergers and acquisitions.

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